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Frequently Asked Questions !

Connected to the alarm control is a rechargeable battery which will run the alarm for many hours in case of a power failure. When the power is restored, the battery will automatically recharge. The battery has a life of 3-4 years. This is always good to test when we service your System regularly.

Yes! Programming your own code, plus additional codes (if required) is very straight forward. Our technicians will show you how to do this when the alarm is installed and there is a section in the users manual (supplied with the alarm) which clearly explains the procedure.

Yes! By a method called zone bypass, you can have any part of the alarm working that you would like. If there are areas you will regularly not be wanting on (example, downstairs or hallway off at night) the technicians can programme your alarm control so that this can be achieved by pressing one button on the key pad as you retire for the night.

Yes, you can operate the Garage Door by pressing the Utility Button on your Touchsceen Keypad or your Standard Keypad.

No! We would use special detectors that are pet friendly, designed specifically to cater to this situation so your pet can access the house when the alarm is armed, with out risk of activation.

The entry delay can very easily be increased or reduced either on site by Electrifyit technicians. We usually allow an entry time of about 30 seconds, this can be more or less, dependant on your requirement. In most cases there is an audible warning sound from the keypad when you enter to remind you to turn the system off.

Yes, we can add an Interface to you Alarm to operate the Alarm and your Garage Door or Gate if you Want.

The external siren has a polycarbonate cover for protection and is securely fastened to the building. Within are devices known as ‘tamper switches’ which will detect interference with the siren and activate the alarm if this happens.

Yes it can. We can install a Texting Module into your Alarm it will Text you on Alarm activations.



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